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Who would have thought that after that brunch in the sun with friends in the middle of March, that it  would not be possible to do it until sometime in June. Ensuring your small business phone system can operate under these changing times is more critical than ever.

As we adjust back to the “new normal” businesses are also taking time to reflect and get back to their roots.

We as a small business have had the same conversation. How did we get our start? Who supported us throughout those tougher economic conditions over the past 30 years? The answer, you.

We have seen many local small businesses grow and flourish over the years.

So many local businesses around Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Norwest, Seven Hills and surrounds have have gone from working out of the garage of the in-laws or from the humble home office to now managing thriving businesses that employ a small army of locals. Others have expanded and now have offices throughout Sydney and throughout the country and still maintain the small business mantra “Support Local”.

With many small business now re-opening or resuming normal operations, staff our now making their way back to the workplace. Business owners are now encouraging their staff to maintain a healthier work/life balance and embracing working from home 1-2 days per week on a more permanent basis.

For some of these staff, working from a mobile and laptop on the kitchen bench was ok for a short period but it soon became frustrating whilst trying to communicate with other staff or not knowing/seeing their availability. Missed calls, emails, voicemails to chase. And, what another Zoom call…

Change has always been seen as difficult or something to do our non-existent spare time. Recent events have forced many to re-think and adapt to change, some forced overnight. Your business communications is no different, for most this is the primary way your customers keep in contact with you.

Cloud PBX can solve these issues by allowing your staff to work via a Unified Communications Softphone or Deskphone from anywhere you have an Internet, NBN or 4G connection. Want to have that conference call with the team from your local café? You can! Our Mobile Communicator Softphone allows you to keep in touch with your team either in the office, on the road or at your local. Collaboration tools allow you to share video, files and your screen to help your team be more productive.

We are here to help. Let us help make your business more resilient and flexible to the “new normal” by chatting to one of our team today about your business phone system needs.

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Enabling Your Remote Workforce

Enabling Your Remote Workforce

Your workforce can work remotely and seemlessly. Working from home just got a whole lot easier with PC and Mobile based Softphones, reconnecting your teams.